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If you already own a bike and are looking for some components to repair or enhance it, BikeZaar can provide you with items like bike frames, tyres, brakes, inner tubes, handlebars and more to fix your existing kit. With brands like Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Fizzik and Ritchey offering a range of components, and Zipp and Mavic offering wheels, you can easily get what you need to fix or optimise your bicycle.

Repairing your bike or optimising its performance

If your beloved bike is damaged or not performing at its best, you do not necessarily want to just throw it out and get a new one. It is possible to buy components that can replace the inner tube, or the handlebars, or the frame, brakes or gears without needing to get a whole new bicycle.

When you are looking for All Components, you want to know that you are getting high quality components that will enhance your bike and improve performance and efficiency. You might be looking for specific brand names, such as Campagnolo or Shimano, or you may just know that you need a wheel or a tyre, a stem or a seat, or gears and drivetrains.

Take some time to study the build and brand of your bike so that you purchase the best accessories and components that will fit and will optimise your cycling experience. Don’t be afraid to contact the retailers you want to buy from to double check details and to be extra sure that the component you are buying is suitable for your cycle. And take advantage of the ‘collect in store’ options if you want to triple check!

Repairing rather than rebuying is not only a more affordable option for cyclists, it is also more energy efficient and ecological – why waste all the working components of a bike when only one or two are damaged or broken? If you can replace the inner tube, or put in a new pair of tyres, when the bike itself is perfectly good, why not do so?

How to choose Bike Components

Carry out all relevant measurements on your existing bike so that the components you buy are a good fit and won’t damage your gear. Getting the right fit is important so that your cycle is as streamlined as possible, so take the extra time to ensure you are buying the most suitable kit. If you have any questions, contact the retailers on this site for information.