Gears & Drivetrain

Gears and Drivechains

Gears and drivechains are the components that make the pedals turn. You can’t have one without the other. From the bottom bracket to the chain. They all need to fit together in order for it to all work effectively.

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Bike gears

Gears on bikes work when the cyclist moves the gear shifter. This gets shorter or longer, depending on whether the cyclist pushes or pulls the gear shifter, and this moves a derailleur, which controls the chain, moving it to the right chain ring.

Sound complicated? It isn’t, really. The cyclist chooses the most appropriate gear for the riding they are doing. Higher gears may be most suited to downhill cycling, whereas a low gear can make it easier to cycle uphill.

When a bike is in a low gear, the cyclist has to pedal faster but with less force to maintain the same speed. When in a high gear, more force is required, with slower pedalling.

Gears and Drivetrains

The gear shifters are usually found on the handlebars of a bike and can be adjusted while cycling to suit the conditions. They have gear cables attached to them, which connect to the derailleurs.

The chainrings are attached to the pedals of the bike.

The chain is visible and attached between the chainrings and the sprockets or cogs.

The sprockets or cogs are on the right-hand side of the rear wheel, attached to the centre.

The derailleurs move the chain from one chainring to another or between the cogs, or sprockets.

The drivetrain is the name for the entirety of these components, so it is made up of the pedals, cranks, chainrings, chain, cogs or sprockets, and derailleurs.

Keeping your drivetrain and gears in good condition

Inspect your gears and drivetrain regularly to check there is no wear and tear or obvious, visible damage. Taking care of your derailleurss in particular is important to ensure a smooth ride when you change gear. Both the front and rear derailleurs play a vital role in your bike’s health, as do the chainrings, gear shifters, chain and cogs, so replace them when they need it to avoid causing damage to your bike and its other components.

Look at our Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo pages for full details on the gear and drivetrain accessories we sell.