Wheels & Tyres

Wheels - Wheels for your bike are designed specifically for your bike, model and performance. Bike wheels also come in different sizes to suit your type of bike. If you are road racing, an aerodynamic lightweight wheel is suitable. However, if you are touring and are carrying alot of weight then a heavy duty wheel designed to withstand weight is what you need from your wheel. 

TyresTyres come in a number of varieties, there are tyres for Mountain bikes, cyclocross and gravel bikes, road bikes, urban bikes. MTB tyres also come in 26” 27.5” 29” and can be chosen for inner tube compatibility and tubeless compatibility. Cyclocross tyres and road tyres can feature tubeless, tubular and inner tubes. The choice of tread also varies massively. From heavy duty mud tyres to super slick lightweight road tyres. There is a huge choice of cycle tyres available.