Mountain Bikes – There are two types of mountain bikes. A hardtail and a full suspension bike. However, these bikes come in a choice of wheel sizes, such as 26”, 27.5” and 29”

So the first question would be, what would you like to use your mountain bike for? Of course you want to go off-road but the severity of the terrain can vary hugely meaning your choice of bike is dependent on this.

If you want to have fun flying around your local trail centres and beast yourself up those tough climbs then you may be looking at a hardtail bike. These have front suspension only are a little more harsh to ride than a full suspension bike. The hardtail frame however is lighter and overall faster on long climbs and often lighter and cheaper to buy as a rule.

The Full suspension bike is also often used on common trails as they are more comfortable to ride and offer better traction and grip on tricky technical climbs and descents.

The full suspension bike does also vary in spec. Full suspension bikes come in 100-200mm travel with the most travel bikes used for downhill and freeride mountain biking and the lesser travel suspension forks being used on trail and xc race bikes.

MTB accessories

If you’re heading out to the countryside with your mountain bike, you need to make sure you have all the safety protection and comfort you can get. Consider getting some gloves, and never, ever skimp on a bike helmet. Glasses and goggles can come in handy and, if you’re really getting into your sport, consider some mountain biking shorts and jerseys, too.