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Choosing a road bike.

This may seem like either a really easy task or a complete minefield. When choosing your road bike you need to understand exactly what you will be using your road bike for, and what kind of money you want to spend on your bike.

Road bikes have developed into niche categories over the years and can be a little confusing.

Do you want a carbon bike? Or an alloy bike with a carbon fork? Are you using it in the summer, winter or both? May you want to race on it? If so, you may want an upgrade on your wheels. All these aspects can change what you choose to buy.

Do you want a road bike with hydraulic disc brakes? More and more people now choose the disc brake as the give a better braking efficiency. However, some people choose not to have the disc brake as the road bike will be lighter without the disc brake and some suggest that the rim brake is sufficient enough. This is simply a personal preference.

The detail of choosing a road bike is a largely talked about subject and can get very specific. One bike for winter and a bike for summer? Or maybe you want your bike to be suitable for both seasons.

Thinner tyres for summer, wider ones for winter? They certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. So consider some of the smaller details when choosing your bike.

Here are some simple questions and answers to help you with your choice:

Do you want to race? If the answer is yes – look at carbon road bikes, or if budget is limited chose an alloy frame and carbon fork with at least 10-speed gears, a lot of bikes are now using an 11-speed or 12-speed gearing set up.

Do you want to commute and ride for leisure? Look at either carbon road bikes or alloy bikes with wider tyres and disc brakes. With at least 9 or 10 speed. Depending on your commuting style you may want to look at gravel bikes or folding bikes.

Do you want to ride as and when, when the feeling takes you and the weather is nice? If the answer is yes then look at either a hybrid or road bike of your budget and liking. Hybrid road bikes often have straight bar handlebars which much more comfortable for those one off rides.  

If none of this interest you, then simply choose a bike that fits your budget and your personal taste!