Triathlon Bikes

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What is a triathlon bike?

A lot of Triathletes often choose a triathlon specific bike simply for its aerodynamic aspects and suitability for the job.

The time trail bike or triathlon bike has a steeper seat angle and a lower, aero position to enable you to deliver maximum amount of power in an aerodynamic way. The handles bars are often specific to get you in this position with your brakes and shifters on the bar ends to ensure you don’t have to leave this racing position. Triathlon bike also are built up with aerodynamic deep section wheels to ensure minimum wind drag.

Using a time trial specific bike can save the rider a considerable amount of time over the length of the course.

However, in some lower classes triathlons, most riders choose to ride an aero road bike with time trial extension bars on them. This is a compromise, however, riding a time trail bike requires practice and advanced bike handling skills.

There are also some time trails that are quite hilly and long, in this instance, a rider may also choose the road bike with time trail extension bars on it.