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6 Things That Won't Help Your Aerodynamics

Being aerodynamic is one of the most talked about things in cycling.  We have all read why it's so important to get as aero as possible. Things like aero wheels, aero helmets, and aero frames go a long way to making you more aerodynamic. But what small things won't help your aerodynamics. So if you are fancying a little go at a local time trial and don't want to buy anything special for the event then here are five things that won't help your aerodynamics.

No bottle on your bottle cage

Believe it or not, having no bottle in a bottle cage is not very aerodynamic. Some studies have shown that leaving a bottle cage out can actually make your aerodynamics worse. If you don't want to carry the extra weight just put an empty bottle in the cage or simply just take the whole thing off if you don't need it. There are some nice aerodynamic bottles and cages on the market now which is a great option if you looking for some simple yet effective aero gains!

Not being on the drops

This is fairly standard but makes a whole heap of difference. When you are on the tops of your bars then you are generally sitting more upright on the bike. Being on the drops gets you a lot lower on the bike meaning that you benefit from less drag from the wind. For a cheap fix, you can always use clip-on bars to give you a little extra when having a go at the local TT

Baggy jersey

Having a baggy jersey isn't the end of the world but if you are looking for marginal gains then a skin-tight aero jersey would help in giving you an extra second or so. You don't really want a jersey flapping around in the wind, taking valuable seconds from you.

Baggy Numbers

So when you rock up to the local TT they will give you a number to pin on! That fine, but they are usually huge and very difficult to get neat and tidy. generally, most people are left with great big gaping holes either side the numbers. Now let's say you have your lovely aero jersey on and then your numbers ruin all those aero gains by acting as a sail! You could try folding your numbers down into smaller numbers and add more pins! Keep them as tight as possible.

Sitting up or standing up

Don't sit up or stand up if you are on a time trial.  This will only make you less aero and make your overall time slower. Keep low and as still as possible. Unless of course, it is a hilly time trial! Then you may stand!

Elbows out

Unless you're a mountain biker, keep your elbows in. Having your elbows only makes you wider and less aero. Keep them nice and tucked in.

We hope one of these tips will help you get a few extra seconds off your PB.

  • Oct 28, 2019
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