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Assos Summer Cycling Clothing Guide

Your complete summer cycling wardrobe should be neat, tidy, smart, fresh and stylish. There is nothing quite like putting the summer outfit on for the first couple of months of summer. You strive for that light, stylish, minimal look and want to look professional without wearing the latest team kit. With Assos, there is no need to dress it up or add a bit here to make it look the part. Assos looks good, no matter what. The jersey itself without fuss is tailored to suit you. The jersey that just sits neat and makes you look and feel a million dollars. Designs that flatter and give that stand out professional look leaves you feeling strong and powerful. Wearing Assos is simply a good choice.


How to wear your shorts - To get the perfect fitting Assos shorts firstly measure your waist. Once this is determined look at the size guide and pick the shorts that suit your size waist. Don't worry if the sizing doesn't match what you are used to wearing. Assos sizing can vary to other brands. Next thing how tall are you? Again refer to the size guide, if you are in-between sizes and not sure what to go for, you need to make the decision whether you would like them to come lower down the leg or have more room on the waist. We would advise that you don't go too baggy as excess material can cause ruffling up and cause chaffing and damage the material. Once you have your short and are trying them on. Ensure you can feel the gripper slightly on the leg so that it is not digging in but is not got any excess baggy material. The next thing is to check the length. Is the short sitting at least 3 inches above the knee? If it is more or less then you may have the wrong size. The next factor to check is, are the shorts pulling on your shoulders? Put yourself in the cycling position and if the straps are a nice fit then the sizing is about right. If the straps are falling off or digging in then look at a different size. The last thing to consider when fitting and riding in your shorts is Chamois cream. It is recommended to use this when on long rides to help keep you comfortable. The Assos Chamois Cream is perfect for your shorts.

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What you can and should pack in your jersey pockets.  An Assos jersey comes with three spacious back pockets that fit just the right amount of stuff in them. We recommend that you carry a raincoat or gilet, a phone, energy bars and energy gels in your pockets. Things like pumps, multitools, and spares should be kept either on the bike or in a saddle bag as you don't want to get oil on your jersey, or worse still, risk ripping it.


What is the best raincoat/gilet for your outfit? Each of the Assos garments has a purpose that we could all find useful, however, if you are looking for a gilet that covers a lot of eventualities and don't want to carry a full raincoat, then the waterproof, windproof TIBURU GILET EQUIPE gilet is perfect. It packs away super neat and is ideal for carrying in your back pockets.

How to wash your Assos cycling kit - Washing your Assos cycling kit is easy. Turn your kit inside out, put in a wash bag so the shorts do not come into contact with any velcro or sips that could potentially damage your shorts. try and wash your kit as soon as possible so that any dirt or oil doesn't stay on the shorts for a long time making it harder to get out. Wash on 30 degrees and if you wish you can also use the Assos active wear in the wash to protect your kit. If you are washing waterproof kit then over time the waterproofness does wear off so keep your eye on it and reproof it if necessary.

How to dry your Assos cycling kit - Drying your Assos kit is simple and easy. We recommend putting your kit onto a clothes airer and leave to dry naturally in a well-aired room. If you put your cycling kit in the dryer then there is a risk of the warm air either shrinking the clothing or burning it. This is also a risk when putting cycling clothing on the radiator. If the radiator gets too warm there is a chance it could burn the kit, mark or ruin it

How to wash your Assos Cap - Washing your Assos cap is easy. Get a bowl of warm water with some Assos cleanser in the bowl and wash by hand you can leave to soak for a bit if there are some stubborn stains on it. The reason for this is that putting the cap in the washer can distort the cap, because they are lightweight they can be easily misshapen.

How to keep your white Assos socks and Assos booties clean - Keeping your Assos socks clean and bright white is important. Sometimes we get oil on our socks or the mud and spray from the road can leave stubborn marks on the socks. Remember when washing all white need to be washed together. If you have black or coloured cycling kit in the wash, be sure to keep the white socks separately. We do have some very handy tips for getting white socks clean so take a look at this related blog we have written!

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