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bikeZaar's Best Cycling Deals Of The Week | 14/04/19

Our deals of the day are hand picked by our expert in-house team to ensure that you are getting the best price from your local independent shops. We hand pick products that we think you may need at this time year. Products that you may find useful and products that you may need to have spares of in the garage. We will also be chucking in a curveball deal just in case you didn't realise you were interested.

We pick out the best products for racing, commuting, leisure and training to suit the specific needs and requirements for your type of riding. Not only that, our in-house team have used and personally reviewed these products so you get a real-life review of the cycling items.

Deal 1

The Prologo one touch 2 gel tape -  This is perfect bar tape for all day any weather riding. This bar tape is ideal if you are riding in the rain or in the summer with or without gloves, the bar tape offers good shock transfer and good sticky grip in the wet, which is perfect. The tape is 2mm thick so it is ideal for most riders and is widely and commonly used. With the extra shock absorbing quality it makes it very comfortable on long rides on bumpy, uneven roads. This bar tape also look quite modern and racy which gives it a sharp, professional look and finishes off the bike just lovely. The Prologo bar tape comes in a variety of colours too.

Deal 2

Have you checked your pedals recently? I'm not going to lie, I have in the past actually forgotten to check the condition of my pedals and as a result,  the pedal actually fell off the bike. i was miles away from home and had to pedal one-legged for quite a while until help came! An embarrassing moment.

Whether your pedals are in good condition or not, we recommend these Look Keo 2 max pedals as they are pretty lightweight, have a nice secure, positive click in. The keep your feet in a nice secure position without feeling too restrictive. The bearings have been redesigned and improved over time too which make them very durable and keep their smooth bearing feeling for a long time. These are ideal for everyday use and training. With the 60mm plate, it makes for a comfortable ride too. For more product info there are loads more on the product page

Curve ball deal

The curve ball deal of the day means not only do you get one pair of Madison sportive long socks which have a lovely 6.5" cuff length but you get two pairs. The socks are so modern and stylish and look great teamed with most kits that you can use all year round. The socks are made from fine Italian fabric that will stand the test of time. We think these socks look great with this kit. What do you think?

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