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How Do You Organise Your Cycling Kit?

How do you organise your cycling kit?

Organising cycle kit or trying to make sense of the chaos of the stuff can be quite a challenge.

If you are a keen cyclist, the chances are, you have more than one set of kit. Whether its old kit or new kit it gets a little muddled up if you don't keep it organised. But how, you ask? What's the best way to organise your cycling kit? You have an amalgamation of baselayers, gilets, mid-winter tops, winter tops, arms warmers and different thicknesses of socks with gloves and mitts thrown into the equation.

There is nothing worse than trying to find that all important piece of kit when your late, You are in utter chaos and start panicking that you are going to miss the club run. You only wish you had organised it the day before or you hadn't let yourself get in such a mess in the first place! You could say, organise by season.  But the UK weather is so changeable you kind of need all your kit all year round! Apart from winter tights, I guess? I think we can be confident we won't get snow in June!

The problem is how do you organise it? Are you lucky enough maybe to have a whole wardrobe dedicated to your kit. You can hang up winter tops and jerseys and you have a large selection of drawers to organise, arm warmers, mitts, buffs, overshoes, socks and headwear! Not to mention your selection of cycling shoes! A pair for MTB, Road, Indoor training and maybe racing. If you are anything like me then you'd need a whole room just for cycling shoes alone. Oh sorry, and we forgot helmets and eyewear, how could we!

Let's be honest we would all like to take over a room in the house and kit it out so that everything has its own little place. But in reality, it gets shoved in a draw and squeezed wherever you can find a place for it.

So what do you do?  Do you roll it up, hang it up on hangers? Stuff it all in a big chest? Maybe you have a shorts drawer, a jersey drawer, a baselayer drawer. Or do you make up sets and keep it all separate in a box all to itself. So you are not having to sieve through all your kit to find the matching sets. What a nightmare.

So what we have decided that's the best possible solution if you can't commandeer a whole wing of the house! Is to have a set of drawers dedicated to your kit!

Let's say you have an eight drawers chest. You'll have one draw spare for let's say pumps and multitools. Winner! You'll need to keep the big drawers for the big stuff like tights and shorts and jerseys and winter tops as they will take up a bulk of the space. The smaller drawers can be used for things like socks and mitts.  How you group them is up to you but here is our suggestion.

1, Baselayers and body insulators

2, Shorts and tights

3, Jerseys and winter tops

4, Arm warmers and leg warmers

5, Headwear and buffs

6, Gloves and mitts

7, Socks and overshoes

8, Spare drawer for pumps, multitools and inner tubes!

Why not get a glasses and helmet stand for the top of your chest to complete your organisation. This way you are not going to scratch your glasses ever again. And if you want a neat way of storing bottles too you can get some neat and stylish countertop bottle holders to complete your look.

If you have a lot of sets of cycling kit that match each other. For example arm warmers, mitts and socks that specifically match the rest of the outfit may be worth thinking of splitting these into sets to make your life alot easier.

If you have some ingenious way of keeping your kit in order then let us know in the comments and we can share your tips with the rest of the cycling community to help make their world a whole lot easier.

  • Oct 28, 2019
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