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How To Look Good On A Bike

So whether you are just starting out and are not sure what to wear or how to wear it. Or maybe you just need to up your game and look the part. Maybe you want to look professional for your first race or event. Wearing the right things in the right way can make all the difference to how you look and feel on a bike and what fellow riders think. Not that it should matter what your mates think, but knowing you look good makes you feel confident which can improve your performance.


Your sock game means everything. Wearing your socks right is like putting the cherry on top of the cake. Socks to short or too long can make or break your outfit. A mid-length sock is an optimum length to look good and show off your socks. When choosing your cycling socks, have a look at your overall outfit and see what colours would go well with your kit. So let's say you have a black and orange kit or green and blue. Hints of green or orange really make the whole outfit pull together and look a whole lot more professional. A pair of white or black socks are great to go with almost everything but if you really want to look the part then try and splash some colour in there. It shows you have put some though into it.

Longer shorts

Longer shorts can look a little more professional. Cheaper shorts tend to be a bit shorter and have less structure to them causing them to ride up and look like a pair of hot pants sometimes. Investing in a good pair of shorts mean that your shorts will stay in place, you will be more aero and also look like you know what you are doing.

Colour matching kit

When thinking about buying your kit or accessories to go with it. Think about what colour theme you would like to go with. If you aim to either buy a set or collection then this will make the whole kit look more professional. Maybe you already have your helmet and shoes and choosing your kit will go off what colour these are. So let's say your helmet is black and red. A nice pair of shorts with a red hint on them would really team the whole outfit together. There is nothing less stylish than seeing red kit and an orange helmet!

Matching glasses and helmet

So you have chosen your kit and need to buy a helmet and glasses? Firstly what are the colours in your kit? Do they have a mix of colours or is there one predominant colour. If your kit has multipul colours maybe choose a helmet that is a little more neutral or only has a flash or hint of one of the colours. When purchasing your helmet are there a pair of glasses that goes well with the helmet and kit? The helmet may be sold with matching glasses or suggest a pair that works well with the helmet. This is always a good place to start. However, if your favourite pair of glasses is a pair of Oakleys or rudy project then anything goes really!

Shave your legs 

Sorry, but yes, turning up to your local road race with hairy legs is a no-go. Unless you are Peter Sagan and just about get away with it that is. Shaving your legs makes you look a whole load more pro! Just remember to shave the day before an event so you don't end up with a shaving rash.

Spin your legs

No grinding, if you want to look like you've been cycling for years and know exactly what you are doing, try and maintain a high cadence of around 80-90rpm. If you ride with a low cadence it can lead to premature fatigue, bobbing on the bike and potential injury. However, do what feels comfortable and natural and if you need to you can work on this over time and improve your pedaling style gradually.

Keep your elbows in

Keeping your elbows in makes you look tidy, keep you more aerodynamic and stylish. Riding with your elbows out isn't a good look to go for so if you need to work on this so you look right on the bike.

Wear your glasses over the outside of your helmet straps

This may seem like a strange one but don't wear your glasses under your helmet straps. This is not the pro look. Your glasses arms will likely have grippers on the arms to keep them from moving or sliding off your head. After all, don't you want to show off your latest, posh new glasses?!

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