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Tips Of The Week | How To Keep White Cycling Shoes Clean

White cycling shoes look great, white, but unfortunately, they don't stay clean on their own. There is nothing better than a crisp white pair of shoes to get those admiring looks from your opponent or mates.

Why do white cycling shoes get black marks on them? Well,  a lot of riders scuff the inside of the shoe by rubbing on the crank arm. This is fairly common and causes black marks. Other scenarios are standard dirty roads, oil splattering and general everyday use and handling create black marks the shoe.  Depending on whether you have leather cycling shoes or a synthetic material they both require considered cleaning in order to keep the shoe looking pristine.

So, you've tried warm soapy water and whilst this does get some of the grime off, it doesn't quite remove it all. So what do you do? Some brands now offer complete cleaning packages to help clean and maintain your lovely white cycling shoes, but if you don't have that option we have come across some little tips for getting black marks and deep scuffs off white cycling shoes.

Believe it or not the household cleaner Cif. A good dollop of this solution on a slightly rough (nothing too abrasive) cloth, rub it in gently with some warm water and it works away at the grease, oil and marks which helps lift them off your white shoes. It works like magic!

We do advise to wash the solution off well so not to damage the shoe long term,  if your shoe is leather, treat with a leather cleaner to help keep the leather in tip-top condition.

If the shoe is not leather then simply wash thoroughly with clean water until the solution is gone.

One other household solution we have found quite remarkable and smells great, is Stardrops, use with some warm water and scrub away, it lifts grease exceptionally well with minimal effort. Again make sure you rinse well with warm water to ensure all the product is off the shoe.

Try this and let us know in the comments below if it has worked for you. Even take a before and after photo so we can really see the great results. Alternatively, if you have another tip to get your shoes looking mega then share it with us!

If you want to keep your shoes clean whether they or white or not, these are all great tips to keep any cycling shoes clean.

  • Oct 03, 2019
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