bikeZaar started off selling just Assos to the cycling world, but like all companies we have been expanding with more brands & more outlets to become multi-branded site, e.g. Dotout, Giordana, Rudy Project & more...

To become more streamline, we are changing our Facebook pages to cater for these multiple brands. We will continue with the 'bikeZaar' page that we all know and love as normal with full priced new season product but now want to change the names of our 2 other pages to make them more multi-brand focused. These pages are 'Assos Factory Outlet' & 'Pinarello Factory Outlet'.

The 'Assos Factory Outlet' page name will change to 'BikeZaar Outlet'. Where we will show off our products from our multi-branded outlets section with the best cycling deals. This change is happening as 'Assos Factory Outlet' is focused at the moment just on the brand 'Assos', where we want to show off all our outlet brands and keep you up-to-date with the best cycling deals.

After 'Assos Factory Outlet' has been changed to 'BikeZaar Outlet', we will then change the page name for 'Pinarello Factory Outlet' to 'BikeZaar Clearance'. Where we will show our even more increased clearance deals from our clearance section. We are doing this change as we want to split up the bikeZaar outlet product & clearance product from the full priced newer season product.

If you have any questions about these Facebook name changes, please drop us a message on our customer service.