In the 1970s, Assos founder Toni Maier-Moussa accidentally discovered that lycra would be perfect for cycle wear. While testing the first ever carbon fibre bike in a wind tunnel, Maier-Moussa realised that the lycra downhill skiing suit was far more aerodynamic than the woollen cycling clothing that was in vogue at the time.This was the start of an obsession with creating the best, most streamlined cycling clothing on the market; Assos credits itself with the “First comfort revolution, making wool/acrylic cotton cycling shorts obsolete almost overnight”.

Focused on performance, safety and comfort, Assos cycling clothes are light in volume and light to wear.The clothing is functional yet delicate and, whatever your motivation when cycling, Assos garments can certainly improve your experience.Designed for different conditions, the company’s clothing is ideal for the cyclist who is obsessive about always performing well. The textiles used in Assos clothing are screened and tested and high tech solutions are applied to the design of the resulting garments.Protection of the rider is another important factor in cycling, and Assos takes this into account, in addition to its focus on performance. Comfort, too, must be borne in mind, along with aerodynamics and engineering. Manufacturing luxury products seems to come naturally to Assos.

Over the years it has introduced layering, elastic, and different types of cycling short to ensure comfort, minimise air resistance and improve power.A cyclist’s weight, heart rate and metabolism are all taken into account when designing the perfect layered clothing, and different weather scenarios are considered when the right garments are being recommended.

Assos manufactures and designs premium products that are spectacularly effective for professional and elite cyclists.

Buying Assos garments through means you can compare retailers and have the right items delivered to your home or, alternatively, you can collect it from your participating local cycle store.