Assos Gloves – Cycling gloves are a personal preference in the summer months for some bike riders, but in the winter you are going to need a glove that keep the chill out and is waterproof to some degree – the range of gloves from Assos cover all bases and give you the choices you need to keep your fingers warm. Cold hands are not only painful, but it can also hinder how you control your bike, if your hands are not able to feel the controls properly then this may make riding your bike more difficult. 
Not to mention that gloves give you full protection if you were unfortunate enough to have a fall. 
The Fit - When fitting a glove you need to make sure the glove is big enough that is covers all of the hand with a small overlap on the wrist. If it is a winter glove, then some gloves are designed to come past the wrist. If the glove is too big, then this can cause unwanted material getting in the way and causing rubbing and chaffing. You need to be able to feel the controls well without feeling constricted.