Overshoes – The overshoe is a fantastic piece of kit for the winter months or if it is wet on the roads or trails. The overshoe really works in keeping the water and wind from reaching your toes. As the feet are classed as an extremity then they are one of the first things to get cold and make your ride quite miserable. 

However, there are also shoe covers that help you be more aerodynamic. These tend to be made up of a PVC material and are thin and slick. This helps the airflow better over the shoe and aids in making you faster. 

The fit

The fit of the overshoe is quite important as you don't want it so tight that is tricky to get on. Fighting with an overshoe is the last thing you want to be doing. However, if the overshoe is too big then the excess material can get caught and damage the overshoe. 

Overshoes have a cutout area on the bottom of the shoe to ensure you can clip into your pedals easily. This is a good gauge to see if the overshoe fits well. The Assos overshoe size guide will also help you to choose your overshoes.