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Colnago's history dates back to 1954 where the brand took on the world of cycling and went on to succeed with great riders winning iconic races such as the Giro d Italia.

The iconic symbol of the ace of flowers is recognised worldwide and admired as one of the nicest bikes in the world.

Colnago lead the way in the future of cycling, being the first bike with disc brakes on the road. The Fork and rear triangle were redesigned to support the load generated by the discs. The total weight being only 150 grams more than the traditional model.

This was revolutionary for Colnago and many other top bike brands soon followed suit.

After more than 2 years of research, the continuity of the C60 project arrives -  the C64. A true technological reference point that, with its even more advanced features, anticipates the future of high-end bicycles.