Giant was established in 1972 with a vision to design and build the best bikes on the market to enhance people’s cycling experience. From the beginning, Giant set out with a commitment to innovation and manufacturing expertise to set the brand apart from the competition. The brand has certainly come to live up to its name.

Starting out with lightweight chromoly frames, Giant soon established itself producing high-quality, good value bikes, enabling more riders to experience a new level of quality at an affordable price. Giant has since pioneered advancements in both aluminium and composite engineering. Introducing the first affordable carbon fibre bike to the market, the Cadex 980 C, Giant revolutionised high-performance cycling with its Compact Road Design. Maestro Suspension enabled a new level of performance for off-road riding and racing.

Giant is famously known for its Compact Road Design, as ridden on the pro scene in the late 1990s, with the top tube sloping down from the head tube to the seat tube. This helped reduce the size of the front and rear triangles to create smaller shapes which are lighter and stiffer.

Over five decades, Giant has developed into one of the world's leading bike brands, inspiring adventure in all riders around the world, from casual to ultra-competitive. The brand is generally accepted to be the world’s largest bike manufacturer with factories in Taiwan, China and the Netherlands, making all of its own carbon, and with all frames designed in-house.

Giant bikes win medals and world championships.  Even more importantly, Giant wins the hearts of customers due to its reliability and performance on every road, path and trail.