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There are some brands that feel just like old friends, the ones you can always rely on in bad times and who’ve always been there for you to make the good times great.  In the world of cycling, that’s Raleigh.  Right from its very beginnings, Raleigh has built its name and its fan base by making cycling available to everyone, while still making its mark in the elite world of racing.

Founded in the 1880s, the Raleigh Bicycle Company first came to public attention through its partnership with A.A. 'Zimmy' Zimmerman, who was both a legendary cyclist and a hugely charismatic man; quite possibly the leading celebrity sportsman of his day.  Together, Zimmerman and Raleigh helped turn cycle racing from a rich man’s game to the popular sport it is today.

Throughout its long history, Raleigh has been at the forefront of innovations that have become integral to cycling to the point where they are largely taken for granted, even though they were ground-breaking at the time.  For example, in 1903 Raleigh introduced what was the world’s first practical gearing system for bicycles.  Today, there is still a niche market for bikes without gears but, for many people, the ability to change gears to suit different conditions is an integral part of cycling.

Adaptability has always been at the core of the Raleigh brand.  Their range covers electric bikes, leisure bikes, urban bikes, kids’ bikes, ladies’ bikes, classic bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes as well as a wide selection of cycling equipment covering every part of the bike from the handlebars to the wheels along with essential cycling accessories such as helmets, lights and locks.  In other words, there’s something for everyone at every budget and because it’s a Raleigh, you know it’s reliable, robust and safe.  Check out the Raleigh products at BikeZaar.com.