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Specialized is a company that, well, specialises in producing and manufacturing bikes and bicycle components and accessories. Its ranges of mountain bikes, on-road bikes, fitness, turbo and kids’ bikes are second to none, and it sells bike saddles, cycling clothing, cycle helmets, wheels, tyres, drive trains, bottles, pumps, bags, lights… you get the idea. Specialized is a highly specialised cycle company that gets the job done.

One of the biggest bike companies in the world, Specialized was founded in 1974 in California and has led the way in the cycle space. From the first mountain bike they produced, the Stump Jumper, which was the first in cycling history in mass production, Specialized has been a pioneer, creating bikes and accessories that both pro and amateur cyclists enjoy around the world.

Responsible for one of the largest range of bikes on the market, Specialized does not stop there. With the accessories and components it produces for cyclists from beginners to expert riders, it really has cornered its market and understands what consumers are looking for.

Specialized is well respected in its field. Because it does not focus only on road bikes or mountain bikes but, instead, produces ranges that suit every kind of cycling a person might want to engage in, the company caters for cycling fanatics, from newbies to veterans, and constantly tests its products to find out where they can be improved.

Another benefit of a Specialized product is that the company is known for manufacturing items that will last. Longevity is important for a committed cyclist, who does not want to buy new equipment all the time, so reliable products that work mean that Specialized customers go back to the company time and time again.

Specialized produces bikes for adults and children, and for countryside riders as well as city dwellers. It offers bikes that are designed specifically for women, to suit a lady’s frame and build, and its accessories and component offerings cover all eventualities.