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yepp child bike seat is an innovative child bike seat by Gmg. In this series of child bike seats by Gmg you will find a front seat, a seat for on the luggage carrier and a junior seat for on the luggage carrier available. The Gmg Yepp child bike seat is very easy to click in place and take away. Children can easily be placed and taken out of the seats. The child bike seat is lightweight and features an anti-theft lock. The innovative material is shock absorbing and has a closed cell structure which means (rain) water cannot get in. In addition the material of the child bike seat is antibacterial and easy to clean. The Yepp series offers the following models: the Gmg Yepp Maxi child bike seat, the Gmg yepp Easy Fit child bike seat, The Gmg Yepp mini child bike seat and the Gmg junior child bike seat.