Assos Warmers

Assos Arm Warmer Protectors_S7 White Panther
Effective UV protection for high octane or high altitude riding - ASSOS armProtectors are lightweight, breathable and offer...
Assos Arm Warmer EVO7 Black
Early morning starts, increased altitude, or changeable weather can all conspire to leave your short sleeve cycling jersey...
Assos Arm Foil_EVO8 Warmers Holy White
CYCLING ARM FOIL Not traditional arm warmer, the innovative ASSOS armFoil sleeve is able to effectively deflect the...
We are happy to introduce ASSOSoires UNO: accessories that have been engineered with a simpler approach. They are...
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Assos Mens Arm Warmers
These are generally used in early Spring, late Autumn or when the mornings are a little chilly. They are a great piece of kit in helping to regulate your temperature. Once up to temperature they are easily rolled down or taken off to accommodate your body. They can be packed away in a jersey pocket easily too.
Assos Mens Leg Warmers
These are often used in early Spring or late Autumn when the temperature is in-between warm and cold. The Assos legs warmers are great in taking the chill off but if you do happen to get too hot then you have the flexibility to take them off. having this piece in your wardrobe means you will never be left in between temperatures.
Assos Womens Cycling Warmers
Assos cycling arm warmers are the perfect item to compliment a jersey on a changeable weather day. Assos cycling arm warmers give you the flexibility to roll them down if the temperature gets warmers and are easily rolled back up if it gets cooler. They are ergonomically shaped to offer maximum comfort with elastic upper to help keep the arm warmers in place.