Waterproof inner bag available in 3 sizes to suit the Backloader range of bags. 10,000mm rating. 
Using the same, IP54 rated waterproof construction as the best selling Shield panniers, the Shield seat pack is...
" A "bag for life" which can fit onto your rear pannier rack Made from durable woven polypropylene...
Install and remove in seconds with convenient Quick Cleat attachment; Internal pocket securely holds credit cards and valuables;...
High-end saddlebag with top of the line materials and features. Blue interior, for optimal visibility of the contents....
Front and bottom hook and loop strap set to fit the FastFuel DryBag
Spare dummy Front fork Thru-Axle adapter (12 x100mm) & QR Axle Holder (9mm) for Pakgo X bike case...
A spare seatpost sleeve for the Pakgo X bike case, universal fit
A spare name plate for Pakgo X bike cases. Supplied with top cover and fitting hardware. 
2 internal strap sets are available for the Pakgo X inner clamshells, choose from A or B
A single hinge replacement for Pakgo X bike case
A spare Pakgo X spacer, which takes the place of the stem on the fork steerer when the...
One spare handle for Topeak Pakgo X bike case. Includes backing plate and fixing screws. 
Set of 3 frame pads as supplied with Pakgo X bike case
A replacement set of 3 fork pads as supplied with the Pakgo X bike case
A spare dummy rear hub for the Pakgo X bike case, includes 5 x 130 and 135mm QR...
This drivetrain cover is an exact replacement for that supplied with the Pakgo X bike case. It is...
A spare bumper or foot pad for Pakgo X bike cases. Sold as a single unit with fitting...
A spare bottom bracket cradle for the Pakgo X bike case. Please note that this does not include...
A spare bracket for Panocomp X, with GoPro type 3 male lower tabs. Fits ø31.8 mm handlebar
Spare Pakgo X wheel bag as supplied as original eqipment
One pair of castor wheels for Pakgo X. Buy 2 pairs to replace all wheel on one case....
The Omni QuickTrack™ Adapter attaches to a standard rear rack or Racktime® system platform allowing the use of popular...
Designed to employ the unused space in your frame, MidLoader carries the heaviest items for your bike adventure....
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Cycling Backpacks, Bags & Panniers
Cycle specific bags can be fitted to various places on the bike to carry items whilst riding. Whether it be to commute or going on a bike packing trip. There are bike bags that fit onto your frame, handlebars, saddle rail or onto pannier racks. There are a variety of options to suit your riding style, how much you want to carry and why you are carrying it.
Pannier bags are a great accessory for the bike if you need to carry anything to work on your daily commute or if you are going on a bike camping trip maybe. They are often mounted using spring-loaded hooks, a variation of a design of clips or bungee cords. They are surprisingly spacious and allow you the freedom to ride without a pack on your back. Riding with a pack on your back can be restrictive, so using pannier helps this situation.
Cyclists also often choose pannier bags if they are going bike packing. This is when you pack a tent and all your personal belongings into the bags and travel a country for either multiple days, weeks or years.
Pannier bags are fully waterproof for those wet and fit neatly and securely onto your pannier racks. If you need to carry a large amount of things there is an option to put racks on the front and rear of the bike – make sure that your bike is suitable for this amount of weight before fitting. Some bags are capable of carrying over 100 litres of weight so bear this in mind when choosing your bags.
If carrying large amounts of weight, it is a good idea to plan the weight evenly so the balance of the weight is distributed evenly.
Frame bags
Frame bags are a great accessory for carrying your personal belongings and equipment on your bike without it interfering with your pedals or balance. Using a frame bag means that you do not have to carry a rucksack on your back which could be helpful if you have a long commute. The frame bag with either fit on the top of your bike on your top tube or in the triangle of the bike. It fits neatly and securely on the bike. They are waterproof and secure ensuring your items are not at risk. Durable, heavy-duty materials ensure that the bags can withstand daily use.
Panniers and racks
Panniers and pannier racks are bags that hang onto pannier racks which hold a number of items. They are fitted onto the bike so your bike must be compatible to take a rack. They are waterproof and often used in pairs to distribute weight evenly. However, they are also used a single bags. They are useful in a variety of ways which include Commuting, touring and bike packing. Whether you are packing for a little adventure, a picnic maybe or carrying your clothes and shoes into work. Panniers are a very useful accessory to help with carrying equipment.
Saddle Bags
Saddle bags are small neat storage bags that fit to the saddle rail underneath your saddle on your bike. They generally are spacious enough to fit an inner tube, Multitool, tyre levers, puncture repair kit and maybe one other item such as gas canister in them. They are useful for everyday use, training, racing and commuting as the are lightweight and not intrusive of your pedalling style and efficiency. Saddle bags should be kept on the bike at all times in case of emergency.
Backpacks are great for packing your belongings in. If you have a short commute or need the flexibility to carry your luggage, then a backpack is ideal. There are multiple compartments in the rucksack to help you organise your items. They come in a variety of fitting styles to suit your personal preference.
Handlebar bags
Handlebar bags are storage solutions to fit onto the front of your bike on your handlebars and are often used for convenience if you are using your bike for nipping into town, café stop, leisure rides where it is useful to be able to access your belongings easily.
Handlebar bags are very useful for carrying items such as valuable as they are easy to access and are in your view at all times. Handlebar bags also often clip on and off the bike easily so if you need to take it with you into a café or shop it is is to do so.