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Electric Road Bikes
Why choose an electric Road Bike
Why not! Shouldn’t everyone have a e-road bike.? The e-bike cycling world has taken off by storm and is a fast, growing and popular choice for many people. Whether it’s coming back from an injury. Getting back into it. Gentle exercise In older life or simply for the social aspect. Whatever your reason the e-bike road bike is a must anyone’s bike collection.
The e-bike offers the flexibility to be able to go out for half a day and enjoy a sociable ride, see the sights, keep up with groups that you would otherwise struggle with and help you to get fitter along the way.
Most e-bike motors now are capable of lasting 4-6 hours. The gearing on the motor gives you just the right amount of power as and when needed. When those hills get too steep or the pace gets a little too high you can have the reassurance that the bike is going to give you that little extra support.
You can now start enjoying rides over 20 miles and see new places on two wheels.
And with the developments of the ebikes moving on so quickly it is even harder than ever to tell whether you are riding an e-bike.
There are many accessible e-bike service centres throughout the UK so you have that piece of mind that you can easily maintain your new e-bike.
Electric Mountain bikes
If you have found yourself on this category then you are interested in mountain biking but want the flexibility to be able to ride for longer, get up more challenging ascents and work on overall fitness whilst having fun at the same time.
E- Mountain biking is a very popular choice amongst many riders and is a growing category within cycling.
There may be many reasons why you are thinking about a e-mountain bike. Are you trying to come back from an injury, maybe coming back into cycling after a long period off the bike or simply want to enjoy the countryside in a less physical demanding way?
The e-mountain bike allows the rider to get into or back into mountain biking, you can learn new skills and be sociable on a ride. Most e-mountain bikes can go for approx. 4-6 hours depending on how much of the battery you are using. So you can be sure you bike is going to last the day’s ride. There are a number of settings on the motor to ensure you have got the right amount of power as and when needed.
Development of the e-bike has now made these bikes look and ride like a regular mountain bike. E-bikes bikes now come with full suspension, tubeless ready wheels, the latest technology in shifting and top of the range hydraulic brakes. These changes to e-bike mountain bikes has transformed the e-bike sector which makes them enormous fun and satisfying riding that can take on some of the UK toughest trails.
There are many e-bike service centres throughout the UK and are easy to maintain with this expert advice and service. All e-bikes come with a manufacture warranty for that extra piece of mind.