Rudy Project Agon Glasses
    The Rudy Project Agon With a unique, adjustable lens vent system the Rudy Project Agon sunglasses are the...
    Rudy Project Fotonyk Bumpers
    The bumpers are colourful rubber inserts conceived to maximise your safety in the event of crush or knocks....
    Rudy Project HyperMask
      Rudy Project's Hypermask Sunglasses' wrap-around style is perfect for cycling as they provide riders with the widest possible...
      Rudy Project Noyz Sun Glasses
      Rudy Project Noyz ImpactX sunglasses. The Rudy Project Noyz ImpactX is suitable for a wide variety of sports...
      Rudy Project Synform Glasses
      Rudy Project SYNFORM Folding sunglasses are the perfect addition to your sunglasses collection. These stylish Green sunglasses are...
      Rudy Project Tralyx Replacment Lens
      Replacement lenses for the Rudy Project Tralyx Sx sunglasses. ImpactX Lenses, guaranteed for life and offering superior optical...
      Rudy Project Tralyx SX Glasses
      Tralyx redefines the pinnacle of eyewear bike technology. With its entirely new geometry package, lightweight and powerful dynamic...
      Rudy Project Ultimatum Glasses
      The stylish Arise Collective ULTIMATUM SHOCK sunglasses are made with the finest materials and superior craftsmanship. The frame...
      Rudy Project Warp Sunglasses
      RUDY PROJECT WARP ICE GOLD Elegant color schemes and sophisticated shades are just a few of the distinctive...
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      Protecting your eyes while you cycle is important for both safety and comfort. Choosing the right eyewear will mean you can shield your eyes from grit and grime that is flicked into the air by other road users, and also shade your eyes from bright sunlight so you can see clearly as you ride. Brands such as Sunwise, Thor, Lazer and Tifosi, Rudy Project and Giro, provide stylish eyewear that serves an important purpose as well. Just like you should always protect your head with a helmet, you should also protect your eyes when you cycle. It is just as important that you are not blinded by the sun, especially when it is low in the sky, and without suitable sunglasses your safety – and that of those around you – could be at risk. A lot of cycling eyewear is designed differently to general eye protection such as normal fashion sunglasses. There are wraparound designs to give you complete protection and to avoid losing the eyewear as you speed along. There are different tinted lenses available too, and different types of eyewear for on-road and off-road riding.

      Mountain bike glasses and goggles
      If you want to do less squinting when you are off-road on your MTB, it is time to look at some mountain bike sunglasses. Ideally, you want a pair that reduces glare as well as harmful UV rays, and that offer protection from debris that is uprooted as you ride your bike, as well as branches and even annoying flies! Larger lenses, or those that wraparound, offer the best protection, while smaller or half-frame lenses offer a wider field of vision. Choose which of these is your priority before making a decision about which pair to invest in.

      Road cycling sunglasses
      When you’re cycling on the road, you need some eyewear that will protect your eyes from the sun, flies and from any grit that may come up from the road as you cycle. We have a range of styles to suit everyone, from the world’s leading brands to ensure quality. We appreciate that comfort and style are important, but make sure you get the right pair that give you the best visibility as well.

      Casual sunglasses
      Our range of casual glasses look great on and off the bike. Designed for more casual cycling use, we would not recommend them for long distance rides, or racing. Cycle specific eyewear is designed to provide protection both from the sun, but also from flies, stones and anything else that might land in your eye and inhibit your visibility, which is important when traveling at speed.

      If you wear prescription eyewear for normal daily use, then you should definitely invest in a pair of prescription cycling glasses when on your bike, for your comfort and safety, and that of other road or cycle path users! We have a great range and styles to suit every shape of face and colour preference. We offer single vision or varifocal options. We appreciate that comfort and style are important factors, so we now offer ‘try before you buy’, where you can choose up to 3 pairs of glasses and try them on before committing to buy and have the frames glazed according to your prescription requirements. All you have to do is choose the free trial option and pay for the shipping. You will have 7 days to decide before returning the glasses to us using the pre-paid return label. You can then purchase your preferred option and submit your prescription to us for production. The finished article will be shipped to you within 14 days.

      Prescription sports eyewear made easy!...
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      • Every pair custom made to your prescription in our UK lab
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