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There is nothing more important in a cyclist’s gear than their helmet. Helmets are essential for the safety of every cyclist, whether they are riding off road or on the city streets. It is a sad fact that cyclists are vulnerable when they fall or are knocked off their bike, and head injuries are a particularly high risk.
75% of bike injury-related fatalities every year could have been prevented by the cyclist wearing a helmet. If you do fall off your bike and are not wearing a helmet, you are at much greater risk of a serious brain injury. This is because bike helmets reduce the impact of a hard surface (a car, truck or the ground, for instance) by compressing and absorbing the shock. This is why helmets must be replaced if they do undergo some degree of sudden force.
And yet, despite the statistics showing that bicycle helmets can make such a difference in the event of an accident, many cyclists resist wearing them. Let’s take a look at why:
1. They aren’t cool! Some people associate bicycle helmets with ugly-looking designs that are dorky or unattractive. However, modern-day manufacturers create cycle helmets that are appealing to look at and the height of fashion. Plus, when compared to a life-changing head injury, do you really want the appearance of the helmet to dictate whether you wear it or not?
2. Nobody wears one! It is certainly true that there are a high number of cyclists on the road and out in the countryside who do not wear protective helmets. However, this is not a good enough reason to put yourself at risk.
3. I’ve never had an accident before! That’s great! But you have no idea what will happen next. It is well known that car drivers often do not see cyclists, or do not drive with care around them, and however experienced you are on your bike, you just do not know what those around you are capable of.
4. They are not comfortable to wear! Bike helmets are far more comfortable than they used to be. So if you remember wearing one as a kid and hating it, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one that will fit you like a glove now.
Many cyclists wear helmets with cameras these days, which can help to document your travels or to gather evidence in the event of an accident. If you’re interested in a high-tech option, check the categories on the left-hand side of the page. We offer full face mountain bike helmets, as well as helmet cameras, for ultimate safety and security. We also have road bike and MTB helmets, so whatever your preferred type of cycling, you can be covered. Whether you need children’s helmets or men’s / ladies’, we are ready to help you.
If you’re wondering where to start, check out the Giro, Lazer, Rudy Project, Bontrager, Assos, Kask, Bell, Limar and Madison brands.