Assos SV Blitz Feder_EVO7 Vest Safety Yellow
Ultra-light, ultra-compact shell vest. Wear it whenever you need light protection or insulation against the elements. For example,...
Assos SJ Blitz Feder_EVO7 Lolly Red
Our lightest long-sleeve shell, in terms of both volume and protection level. The perfect, light shell jacket for...
Assos FF1 Emergency Windvest_EVO7 Grey
The ultimate accessory for the racer who wants lightweight protection, or an all-year rider wanting to be seen...
Assos RS.Sturmprinz EVO Jacket Lolly Red
rS.sturmPrinz is the ultimate, racing-specific ASSOS rain jacket. If you ride a lot, all year round, and cannot...
Assos SV.Emergency Vest White Panther
Micro-volume chest protection. Engineered for racing applications. It's your final layer outershell. Created to give you that minimum...
Reflective stickers can be an effective and convenient way to improve your visibility, but most stickers are not...
It's simple, it's effective, it's versatile and it's waterproof: a cover for your rucsac or pannier with reflective...
The Hi-Viz helmet cover from Respro - for increased visibility during day and night useGreat for commutingOffers the...
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Reflective Gear
Reflective clothing and accessories are designed for other road users to see you and to see you quicker. Reflective gear makes a cyclist stand out in the dark when lights are shone on them. Reflective gear helps to keep the cyclist safe in the dark and also in the summer when the sun is strong, visibility can be affected so having reflective clothing on helps in this scenario.