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By changing the design of its iconic predecessor, the FLUX S Smart gained a wider bike compatibility range....
The Tacx Flux 2 is the newest and most innovative direct drive smart turbo trainer available. More realistic...
Home Trainers
Cycle training accessories are essential items of equipment that the serious cyclist uses frequently. These items include rollers, turbo’s, smart turbo’s and nutrition. Cyclists use rollers and turbos mainly for warming up at races or indoor training, either when the weather is bad or a specific training session is needed. Indoor training sessions can be specifically planned to suit your training plan. The benefits of using turbo trainers and rollers are huge. Now with smart turbos available too it means that indoor training has become a competitive and virtual world experience.
Turbos and rollers
They are a big part of a lot of cyclists training and fitness. When the weather is bad, time is short or you are looking for a specific training session then a turbo trainer or rollers are a choice for a lot of people. There is a wide variety of turbo trainers on the market. Some offer simple resistance whereas some smart turbos offer virtual racing and training which monitor and record power, cadence, speed, distance and elevation.
cycle rollers are useful for warming up on at a race or using them for training. They are good for recovery session as you can get rollers that have no resistance, however, some rollers do have resistance. This depends on what you want from your rollers. They are easy to fold up and pack away tidy or pack neatly into the car if travelling to a race for example.
Cycle trainers are used to help keep a rider fit through the winter months, cyclist often use then when time is limited and or the weather is too bad to go outside. Turbo trainers can be basic resistance units to smart trainers that enable you to connect to app that enables you to talk to and race other people around the world in a virtual reality experience.