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How to choose a kids bike.
When considering a new bike for your child there are some main things to consider.
Is the bike the right size? Don’t oversized your child, this can only make your child feel unstable and out of control, not being able to handle the bike and get the most out of their bike. Choosing the right size is important.
Can your child ride a bike or is it wanting to learn? If your child is still learning to ride or it is only just big enough to ride. You may want to consider a balance bike if they are under 5 years. These bikes that have no pedals, the bike is powered by the child either pushing it with their feet or running the bike along. This encourages the child to pick up speed and take their feet off the ground, thus encouraging them to ride the bike unassisted as they move on to a bigger pedal bike more easily.
Does your child need stabilisers? If your child is later to start learning and can’t fit on a balance bike, then you may want to look at a bike that has the ability to fit and remove stabilisers. This is a very common way to learn to ride a bike and is very successful.
Once your child has learned to ride the bike, the bike can be ridden without the stabilisers until your child needs a new bike.
If your child can ride a bike what type of bike do they want or need? There are really great options for kids bikes now and depending on weather your child wants to ride on the road or take on the rocks and roots, it is important to ensure they are on the right bike. This will help them develop quicker and gain more confidence.