A metal valve tool designed to tighten or remove Schrader and two-piece Presta valve cores. Can also be...
Upgrade any existing pump to the TwinHead™ DX pump head. Twinhead™ DX uses a full metal construction with...
Replacement Twinhead™ for Topeak floor pumps with existing Twinhead™.
Replacement head and hose assembly for Tubibooster X inflation canister. Can also be used to upgrade a fixed...
An aluminium air chamber with inflator head that stores an air charge of one litre, up to 200...
Machined in brass, with a pressure release button to fine tune tyre pressures. Easy to use and easy...
Replaces existing floor pump head and hose with Topeak’s unique SmartHead Threadlock head.Works with both Presta and Schrader
Upgrade any existing pump to the SmartHead™ DX pump head. SmartHead DX uses a full metal construction with...
Replacement SmartHead™ for Topeak floor pumps with existing SmartHead™.
Easy-to-read digital gauge for tyres, forks and shock. Gauge can be attached to a pump or used alone...
Anti air-loss connector essential for air sprung forks/shocks, small wheels and disc wheel valves. Brass body Check valve 2.5x1x3.8cm 15g...
A compact Presta valve core tool designed to fit into the handle of Race Rocket Series pumps.
Replacement Max Twinhead™ for Topeak floor pumps with existing Max Twinhead™.
Replacement magnetic bit holder for Ratchet Rocket Lite DX.
For MiniRocket iGlow. Includes 2 Pcs CR2032 Batteries.
An easy-to-read mid-mounted digital gauge delivers accurate tyre pressure readings up to 160psi / 11bar. Hammer type TwinHead™...
The JoeBlow Sport with unique 2-stage design delivers both high pressure and high volume in record time. Stage...
An easy-to-read top-mounted digital gauge with rubber bumper impact protection delivers accurate tyre pressure readings up to 200psi...
Replacement hose for Topeak JoeBlow™ floor pumps.
The easy way to install tubeless tires! No more frustrating leaks because you can’t pump up your tire fast...
For JoeBlow Pro, JoeBlow Turbo and JoeBlow Sprint.
Rebuild Kit For JoeBlow Fat And JoeBlow Mountain.
A compact pump/CO2 inflator specifically designed for high pressure road bike tires. Efficient and smooth pumping action inflates road tyres to 160psi...
Head & Hose For Turbo Morph, Mountain Morph And Road Morph.
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We all need air in our tyres right? We won’t get very far without it so we all need a pump! Whether that is a floor pump or a hand pump, it is advised to have both. A floor pump gets more pressure into the tyre much easier and quick and has a pressure gauge on it to display the amount of air in the tyre. The hand pump is useful for taking out on training or leisure rides just in case you puncture or lose air you can easily add more air whilst out and about. There are a wide selection of pumps which can cater for all types of requests including hand pumps which can accommodate co2 canister.
Hand pump
Hand pumps are the ideal tool to carry on your bike or person when you are cycling. A hand pump is very useful if you get a puncture or lose air from your tyres when out riding. Most bike hand pumps now have the ability to pump high pressure air into the tyre.
CO2 Pumps
Co2 canisters are A fantastic item to carry when out riding or racing if you want a fast injection of air in your tyres. If you want to speed up your puncture repair or just simply need to get some air back into a tubeless tyre to reseal it then a co2 canister is great for this. Co2 canisters can come in a variety of sizes and attachments. There are also mounts to carry your canisters on your bike so they are on the bike at all times.
Track pump
A track pump is an essential tool to have in your workshop or garage. They are useful to check your tyre pressures and pump them up to the required PSI. The handy gauge on the floor pump is ideal for getting the perfect psi.