Fabric: TransTextura Plus™ 132 needle count Heal: Flat seam and seamless heel closure Length: 8 inch long cuff...
Fabric: TransTextura Plus™ 200 needle count Heal: Y-gore construction and cushioning Length: 8 inch long cuff Features: Arch...
Fabric: TransTextura™ 144 needle count Heal: Seamless heel closure Length: 4 inch long cuff Features: Ventilation mesh Sizes:...
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Cycling socks
They are designed to suit the seasons in which you need them for. Cycling socks are made from different materials to help keep the feet warm in cold conditions and the feet cool in hot conditions. Cycling socks also come in different lengths to suit the style of the rider.
The cycling sock is an important part of the overall style of your cycling kit and helps to match and knit colours together.