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The Spatzwear Basez redefines the cycling base layer.Designed out of necessity for cold weather riding. high neck thumb...
SPATZ Pro Knee Length Overshoes
Spatz 'pro' overshoes are utterly unique. A game changer. Brand new. Never been seen before. Overshoes which do...
SPATZ Roadman Super-Insulated Reflective Overshoes
The spatz 'roadman' is the next frontier in overshoe design - the natural progression from spatz 'pro'... Warmer....
SPATZ Legalz UCI Legal Race Overshoes
The Spatz 'Legalz' were developed at the direct request of worldtour riders. The 'Legalz' boast many of the...
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Spatz have evolved through countless cold wet miles in The Yorkshire Dales. They are designed from necessity.
Spatz are the brainchild of professional cyclist and NFTO team manager Tom Barras. Tom needed a solution to cold, wet feet whilst cycling.
In the winter of 2006 he put pen to paper and developed early prototypes, but the right materials were not available yet. The project was shelved until Tom retired from cycling competitively.
Fast forward to the winter of 2016, Tom met a famous triathlete in Ilkley, Yorkshire for a standard Wednesday bike ride. It was freezing cold and the roads were flooded. But they need to ride for 4 hours. They needed to train. As the rain ran down their faces and the wind gathered, they headed out up Wharfedale.
The triathlete thought the prototypes were revolutionary. A game changer. He wanted to be part of A partnership was born between Burnsall and Grassington.
Tom developed the prototypes using his sewing machine and glue. The triathlete donated some fabrics. 10 generations of prototypes evolved; each sleeker, warmer, more ergonomic and more aerodynamic than the last. They were able to train in the cold and wet without cold feet being a problem.
If you can train more than your competition - you’ll beat them.
Between the two of them, they developed an overshoe system which will allow you to train longer and further than your competitors in cold wet conditions. Spatz will shield your lower legs and feet from the elements like no other product.
Spatz: You won’t know you’re wearing them. But you're glad you are.