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Wheels for your bike are designed specifically for your bike, model and performance. Bike wheels also come in different sizes to suit your type of bike. If you are road racing, an aerodynamic lightweight wheel is suitable. However, if you are touring and are carrying a lot of weight then a heavy duty wheel designed to withstand weight is what you need from your wheel.
Wheels can come is a massive range of sizes and technical aspects to help get the most out of your bike. Wheels for Mountain bikes can come in 4 different sizes, 20” 26” 27.5” and 29” this is to accommodate rider preference, rider size, and discipline. 20” wheels are mainly used on children’s bikes. 26” wheels bike are still used in downhill and endure riding. However, 27.5” and 29” are also used. 27.5” and 29” are mostly used in XC riding but there is obviously the exception. These wheels are built to accommodate disc brakes and can come in a standard tubed version or tubeless version.
Road wheel and aero wheels and wider rim road wheels are often used on road bikes, TT bikes and gravel bikes. These wheels can come in different aero specifications to ensure the bike and rider are as aero as they can be whilst still being in control. Some deep section wheels can be difficult to use in side winds or twisty courses so a shallower profile is used in these conditions. Road Wheels are normally low profile and vary in strength depending on the uses. Road wheel can come in a disc brake version and a calliper brake version and can be purchased in tubed, tubeless and tubular versions.
For touring the rider may want to choose a wheel with a lot of spokes for increased strength when carrying extra weight on the bike. Other road wheels can be lightweight to suit climbers and road racing. Again these can come in disc brake version and calliper version and can come in tubed and tubeless set ups.
Gravel and cyclocross wheels are normally a little wider to accommodate the wider tyres. These can be lightweight and sturdy to suit both off road riding and the demands of racing. Generally, these are built with disc brake set up and the option to build with tubes or tubeless.