Castelli’s world beating performance, classic and modern designs mean that they are the perfect choice for you. Whether it is for your team, club, organisation or simply your group of friends. Castelli bring to you the latest technology in materials and designs. Castelli can help you with your design and help you achieve the vision you have in mind for your new custom kit.  Castelli produce custom kit all over the globe from clean classic designs to crazy and bespoke.

To ensure you know exactly what you are getting when you order your new Castelli Custom kit you can request a garment in every size, material and fit to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

The goal is to give you all the information you need so you can submit your final order with no doubts about the sizes or styles selected.

Once you have decided on your final design, fit and materials you will be supplied with a PDF copy to approve. This is your chance to make changes or correct any errors. Once you have provided confirmation and your order is sent to production. At this point no further changes can be made.

The normal waiting time for custom kit is around 8-10weeks so you and your cycling friends will soon be riding away in your new kit.