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Whether you are training for a race or an endurance event, there are cycling accessories available that can help you to improve your performance and monitor and track how you are doing. Perhaps you want to do extra training at home when you are not out and about on your cycle, or maybe you are hoping to measure your performance and get guidance on optimum fitness.

A Turbo Trainer, for instance, connects with a smartphone and provides an incredible amount of information, allowing you to ride a virtual course or go through a pre-determined workout. Everything is measured and tracked on your phone or tablet and you will feel like you are cycling on a genuine bike out in the open air. These are available from Wahoo.

GPS cycle computers are another accessory, and these are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. You may have seen your friends post their running or cycling routes on social media, and GPS monitors are usually at the centre of how this works. Attached to popular apps or computer software, a GPS cycle computer will track your journey and, depending on the options you choose, measure your speed or your overall time around your chosen route. Garmin is a popular GPS brand for driver navigation, and it is popular with cyclists, too.

If you are keen on keeping an eye on your fitness levels, a heart rate monitor from Wahoo can also be a useful tool in your collection. Perhaps you want to improve your fitness and reach a particular heart rate when you are training, or you just want to monitor which aspects of a course challenge you the most, in terms of cardio; either way, a heart rate monitor can be a simple or a complicated option, depending on the make and model you choose.

Keeping hydrated is always important when you are cycling, but a bottle of water is often not the best solution. Instead, you will be looking for sports drinks that keep you hydrated along with giving you an energy boost and keeping your electrolytes up as you lose moisture. SiS also provides nutrition bars that give you exactly the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and active.

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