Cycling Clothing - MTB

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MTB Shoes look slightly different to a road shoe and have a knobbly tread on the bottom to help you maintain grip if you have to get off the bike. MTB can be muddy so grip is needed in these conditions. They support SPD cleat set up, eggbeaters and Speedplay Syzr pedals. Some mountain bike shoes can also look like a pair of trainers, with a thick hard sole and sometimes high ankle support to protect the ankle from knocks and bangs. They come also in boa, Velcro, laces and ratchet systems. Whatever your preference you can use them alongside a flat pedal but also with a set of spd cleats if you want to be clipped in. This is your choice. Downhill and freeride shoes can be used with or without SPD’s and again is a personal preference. Some downhill riders like the freedom to be able to take their feet off the pedals quickly, whilst others like to be clipped in. The shoes supports a larger surface area for increased contact area and stability with the pedal and have a stiff strong sole to protect your feet from flying debris.