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When you’re cycling, you really want to look the part, so investing in some specialist 3/4 Length can help. It is also important to help ensure your safety as you cycle, so that you are as visible as possible when you are on the road.

Choosing the correct bib, shorts, jersey, jacket, layers, tights, warmer, gloves, socks and shoes might seem excessive when you first start out, however there are good reasons for such specialist 3/4 Length existing. For a start, reflective and waterproof clothing can keep you dry and make sure that motorists spot you in the dark. And 3/4 Length that is designed for people who ride bikes will help you to avoid some of the annoyances that can be associated with wearing regular clothes when cycling, such as your trousers getting caught in your pedals!

Base layers should always give your skin the ability to breathe, without trapping sweat against your body. Tights and warmers can ensure you don’t get too chilly to cycle when you are out and about. And jackets and jerseys can make sure you turn up to work looking smart, rather than windswept and muddy! Just pop into the bathroom when you arrive and swap your 3/4 Length and other cycling clothes for your suit and you can keep fit without looking a state.

Of course, we have different types of clothes for men, women and children that vary in style as well as in sizing. It is always a good idea for cycling gear to stand out from the crowd, to make you as visible as possible to drivers and pedestrians, but you can still make choices that suit your preferred fashions.

It used to be the case that a lot of bike clothing was designed for men, and others found it difficult to get items that not only looked good but also fitted properly. Thankfully, these days, that has changed and girls, boys and ladies can all find 3/4 Length designed specifically for their body shapes.

Look through the different brands of 3/4 Length we have on sale to get an idea of the purpose and design of each before you make your final choice. Is the jersey that has caught your eye suitable for the kind of biking you do? Should your jacket be windproof? We have cycling clothes from Giordana, Santini, Assos, Specialized, Castelli, Q36.5, Altura, Bontrager and Giro so you will be spoilt for choice when you start browsing the options available.