Protecting your eyes while you cycle is important for both safety and comfort. Choosing the right eyewear will mean you can shield your eyes from grit and grime that is flicked into the air by tyres, and also shade your eyes from bright sunlight so you can see clearly as you ride.

Brands such as Oakley, Bolle, POC and Tifosi, as well as Rudy Project and Endura, provide fashionable eyewear that will help you on your day-to-day cycling. Because cycling eyewear can be incredibly stylish, but it serves an important purpose as well. Just like you must always protect your head with a helmet, you should also consider protecting your eyes when you cycle, too. It is easy for bits of dirt and mud to fly up from the wheels of the car in front of you, or for specks of grit to be thrown up as you ride off road. You can also be blinded by the sun, especially when it is low in the sky, and without suitable sunglasses your safety – and that of those around you – is at risk until you can see properly again.

A lot of cycling eyewear is designed differently to general eye protection such as generic sunglasses. There are wraparound designs to give you complete protection and to avoid losing the eyewear as you speed along. There are different tinted lenses available too, and different types of eyewear for on-road and off-road riding.

Mountain bike glasses and goggles

If you want to do less squinting when you are off road on your MTB, it is time to look at some mountain bike sunglasses. Ideally, you want a pair that reduces glare as well as harmful UV rays, and that offer protection from debris that is uprooted as you ride your bike, as well as branches and even annoying flies!

Larger lenses, or those that wraparound, offer the best protection, while smaller or half-frame lenses offer a wider field of vision. Choose which of these is your priority before making a decision about which pair to invest in.

Road cycling sunglasses

When you’re cycling on the road, you need some eyewear that will protect your eyes from the sun and from any grit that comes up from the road as you cycle. Look for a pair with a tint that is especially suited to road cycling so that your vision is not impaired by the glasses you wear.

Casual sunglasses

At a push, there is nothing wrong with using casual sunglasses while you are waiting to get some specialist cycling eyewear. While they are not designed specifically for use while riding a bike, they will help to shield your eyes from the sun and this will make you a safer cyclist.