Assos Mens Shorts

Assos Bib Shorts – Cycling shorts are a very important part of your cycling kit wardrobe. The shorts are in direct contact with the saddle and your contact point, which mean that the shorts play a vital part in ensuring that you remain chaffed free and saddle sore free. It is important that the shorts are the right size so that the pad is in the right place. If the shorts are too big then you may find that the pad ruffles up and causes more chaffing. If the shorts are too big you will find that they are too tight and cause chaffing around the pad area. Choosing the right size is a priority. This way you have the best possible chance of staying pain free. The straps on the bibs must sit nicely on the shoulders but not press down on the shoulders. When trying the shorts for size put yourself into the cycling position as the fit will be different once in this position. The length of the short should just be above the knee and not too high up the leg, however, this may vary slightly depending on the length of your own leg.