Assos Womens Jerseys

Assos Womens Cycling JerseysWomen’s cycling jerseys are specifically designed to work with the anatomy of the female rider. They are tailored to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Assos cycling jersey come with different fits to cater for both tight aerodynamic fits to looser more leisure fits. Assos Cycling jersey comes with many features to ensure maximum performance whilst on the bike allowing for all-day comfort combined with looking stylish.

Often we ride without tangible rewards. We push hard, unwatched by any audience. We get those "this is why" moments and experience them with our friends, out there on the bike with us, or store them for personal recollection. Once we’ve crested the climb we might have a coffee, sharing stories of the struggle or success and satisfaction. There’s a lot out there to explore. Here’s to cycling in all weathers. Here’s to new trails and new roads. Here’s to the ride.