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Just as they are committed to making the best bikes on the market, Pinarello is also dedicated to making sure that their cycling kit offers a cyclist the most comfortable fit and highest performance that we all demand on long, hard rides. With the Pinarello Tour Collection Short Sleeve Jersey, you will get some of the most advanced fabrics working together to guarantee a great fitting, high performance top.

As in year’s past, Pinarello is making use of their association with Giordana to task the clothing company to create unique kit for the Italian bike brand. And Giordana hasn’t just rebranded the usual jerseys with Pinarello logos, but has really gone the extra mile to develop items that stand apart from anything else you can find. The paneling as well as many of the fabrics will be exclusive to the Pinarello line. A case in point is the use of Asteria 3.0 shoulders, sleeves and arm cuffs. Asteria 3.0 is an evolution of Asteria 2.0, which provides micro-compression and better coverage than its predecessor. The micro-compression is light, facilitating a non-restrictive aerodynamic fit, which makes it a perfect fabric to use for the shoulder and arm areas since that is effectively the leading edge of the human body on the bike. Asteria 3.0 provides excellent moisture transfer, and will move the sweat away from your neck and shoulders, to prevent that soaked feeling. And Asteria 3.0 has also been developed to protect against the harmful UV rays.

For the rear panels of the jersey, Host Carbon 2 comes into its own. The fabric has an elastic composition, which makes it possible for it to mold to the shape of your back while still providing the stabilizing support required to hold your rear pockets in place and keep the lower half of the jersey from sagging. There is actual carbon incorporated into the material. It provides very practical services such as acting as an anti-bacterial guard and aiding in the acceleration of evaporating any sweat build-up. But another quality that is less easy to quantify is that carbon helps promote the overall well-being of the wearer since it protects the rider from the electrical charges that permeate our world. Giordana contends that the electrical charges in the atmosphere, often the result of things like cell phone towers, can negatively affect athletic performance by hindering muscle contraction, thereby promoting fatigue and cramping. To combat this, the carbon fibers in the fabric actually conduct the charges away from the body, preventing the body from retaining lactic acid during the training session.

A micromesh panel is provided under the arms to aid ventilation. To hold the waistband in place, the Tour Collection Short Sleeve Jersey makes use of the Grip 650 material. It is a light and durable elastic system that has extremely low profile silicone beads on the inside of the hem. The beads help to keep the jersey in place while riding. The exterior of Grip 650 has a Lycra-like finish, and the overall elasticity is very well balanced, expanding and gripping the hips securely but gently. The four needle flat stitch seams throughout the jersey will enhance the comfort and eliminate any potential friction at the seam intersections. The collar, waistband and pockets are asymmetrically cut in order to accommodate a more ergonomic fit. So you won’t have material bunching at your neck when you are in the drops, and when reaching back to your pockets, your hand will slip in seamlessly, avoiding any fumbling searching for the pocket opening. The three pockets themselves are generously sized and prepared to hold everything from your wallet to your pump. A fourth zippered pocket with a reflective pull tag will hold those valuable you cannot afford to lose, like your house keys.

Pinarello Tour Collection Short Sleeve Jersey comes in two distinct color designs. One is called the Nani, in honor of THE Pinarello of the Pinarello clan, Giovanni Pinarello. Giovanni started it all, and well into his 80s, he happily strolled around his Pinarello shop in Treviso, Italy. Though he passed away in September 2014, you can still show your respect for one of the kindest, most colorful innovators in the cycling world. Alternatively, you could go for the F8 color combo of the Tour Collection Jersey. As the name implies, it is the jersey best worn with your new F8 Dogma. Or maybe you can wear it as the greatest aspirational signal of what you want your next bike to be.

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Giordana Pinarello Nani Tour Short Sleeve Jersey
Giordana Pinarello Nani Tour Short Sleeve Jersey


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