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All items are authentic, original and new. Unlike most apparel companies, ASSOS doesn't make model-year products and if it wasn’t for the ASSOS successor model, they would represent the technical benchmark.

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Based in Ticino “Terra di Ciclismo”, Switzerland, ASSOS SA was founded in 1976. It all began with an aero carbon road bike...a bike that ultimately formed a clothing brand! Many cycling companies now test bikes and clothing in wind tunnels, but for ASSOS, that’s where it all began.

Company founder, Toni Maier took a carbon bike into a wind tunnel for testing along with engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. There Toni learned that while his frame shapes were indeed superior to the round steel tubes of the day, rider position was the much bigger aerodynamic factor. And thus Toni developed his bullhorn bars, which he mounted at the fork crown below the head tube.

Toni and the university engineers also tested fabrics in the wind tunnel. No big surprise in retrospect, but they found wool had high drag. They tested a rider naked, but found skin wasn’t the fastest surface, either. So Toni, his wife Elaine and their friend Hans Hess, a Swiss downhill ski racing suit maker, set about creating a Lycra skinsuit. Then came the Lycra shorts. ASSOS holds its Lycra cycling short to be the first. When the Ti-Raleigh pro team began wearing them, soon the rest of the peloton adopted the technology and cycling never looked back. The Co-op Mercier team with Joop Zoetemelk was an early adopter, and Renault-Elf too.

Thanks to continued investments in research and development, the company continued to innovate and impose direction in the way the bicycle industry has evolved, resulting in the first sublimation on a cycling jersey (1980), first Elastic Interface cycling short insert (2001), Choose your Comfort concept (2003), Project Starburst - the fastest cycling bodysuit (2004), S5 the next cycling shorts generation (2008), and the S7 game changer cycling short generation (2013), and now the S9 with its A-Lock Engineering framework are only a few examples.

ASSOS tests obsessively, using performance oriented fabrics to construct highly technical garments which are light, low volume and sensitive. Not rigid, “bullet-proof” materials. ASSOS apparel is precious: functional, high-tech and, yes, it can be more delicate than ordinary cycling gear. All this to enhance your well-being and enjoyment when cycling, be it for fitness or competition.

ASSOS equipment is engineered to handle high mileage in different climatic conditions, garments that are made for true cycling, to last many kilometres. Because of its high performance DNA, ASSOS equipment is not made to last forever, but by following a few simple but essential guidelines, you can extend your garment’s lifespan and take full advantage of what ASSOS is capable of doing for your well-being.

Today, ASSOS proudly provides Total Cycling Comfort to countries around the world: the integrity of the brand is safeguarded by carefully selected retailers. The relationship between the respective families of ASSOS and bikeZaar extends over 30 years.

Enabling you to enjoy your ride in total comfort and well protected is what makes the ASSOS difference. The prime objective is to maximize total comfort when in the saddle. Your ride, your time is what really counts.