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BikeZaar invites you to join our global community of bike shop owners - skilled, experienced and knowledgeable human beings who dedicate their lives to running bricks-and-mortar shops.

BikeZaar is a technology platform empowering you to sell professionally online, set in a community of hundreds of other independents.

Together we help to compete with online-only retailers by offering customers what they want when shopping online, namely: an extensive range of brands, products and services; even greater convenience, utilising our combined store network as click and collect locations, as well as home delivery options; and, we also help to reduce costs, preserving margin or enhancing the ability to compete on price where necessary.

Customers can find everything within one site and checkout in a single transaction, knowing that they are also supporting local independent retailers.

"BikeZaar is a great way of bringing the independent sector together and will help us to compete online as well as encourage more people to visit us in store, and all without any risk." - Rob Pelham, Managing Director, Propel Bikes.

"Joining BikeZaar makes good business sense. There are no up-front fees or on-going commitment, just a commission based on sales which works out less than costs associated with my own online sales." - Paul Swinnerton, Managing Director, Swinnerton Cycles.


By promoting the capitalisation of strong brands, qualified traffic and professional know-how, BikeZaar helps independent bike shops to recoup some of the millions in revenue lost to other retail channels. This is achieved by delivering additional incremental business, and providing new customers and revenue channels.

Product breadth, competitive prices, convenience and a strong Internet presence are what previously fuelled the growth of online-only retailers. Collaboration through BikeZaar enables independent bike shops to compete in these key areas as well as integrating all the benefits of having a physical store presence, providing expertise, advice, sizing, fit, service, and so on.

Rather than leading to the demise of the high street, technology can help lead to its renaissance.


BikeZaar offers the most extensive range of brands, products and services available in one place, including top brands not available to online-only retailers because they do not offer an in-store option.

Because BikeZaar combines the inventory of all its members, customers will be attracted to the site because they know that they are likely to find what they are looking for. This will help them to reduce their compare and research time, as any product search will bring back all options available within the network. A universal shopping cart then enables customers to pay for multiple products from different shops in a single transaction.

Customers also like convenience, and with options for home delivery, click and collect across the network of stores, and even same day delivery, BikeZaar once again offers better options than those available from online-only retailers.Bespoke software available exclusively on bikeZaar provides access to other products and services not currently easily accessible online such as prescription eyewear, custom team kit, bike insurance packages, personalised goods as well as a booking platform for a bike service or fit.

These unique selling points, together with a leading-edge technology platform and digital marketing expertise will not only drive traffic but ensure maximum conversion and repeat custom. Meanwhile, local independent retailers can look forward to new risk free revenue and commission channels.


BikeZaar is an additional and vital channel for enabling greater reach and swifter sales of products.

BikeZaar will introduce your store to a whole new, international clientele saving you the time, effort and financial risk of trying to acquire website traffic, leads and spend on marketing for your own site.

Increased traffic will expose your products to a much larger international audience. Not only will this help to sell the latest products in stock, it will also help you to clear excess or end of line inventory much more quickly, turning stock back into cash.


While home delivery remains the preferred choice for some, it does not work for many online shoppers. Visitors to BikeZaar will be able to buy from one or more stores, and choose to collect from another. Not only does this increase footfall, it also presents another opportunity to convert.

This is a key USP (unique selling point) versus online-only retailers, especially in such a technical sector where advice, sizing, set-up and service is fundamental. 

Customers will also be able to book a service or bike fit at your store via BikeZaar, making it far easier and more convenient. Automated reminders and incentives are useful features at your disposal to encourage repeat visits into your store.


The spend required to stand out on search engines is increasing, hyper-competitive and requires time and effort to keep abreast of Google’s ever changing algorithm to ensure your site is SEO friendly and features on the first page of search results.

A presence on BikeZaar will mean that you can decrease or eliminate spend with platforms such as Google AdWords whilst increasing sales through enhanced visibility online.Using BikeZaar B2B, you will also be able to place orders for goods and services. BikeZaar builds economies of scale to help negotiate better rates on purchases, from products to insurance services, packaging and shipping, to help compete with those achieved by the largest online-only retailers.


BikeZaar receives daily inventory information from many leading brands and wholesalers. This enables us to add their stock to your BikeZaar shop. Customers can then choose to buy any model, size and colour from you, even if you don’t currently have that item in stock. You accept the order and take payment via BikeZaar, place an order with your supplier to satisfy the customer’s order, then pay your supplier’s invoice as usual. 

This unique proposition provides you with a virtually infinite product catalogue, as well as the ability to improve cash flow by getting paid before having to pay suppliers.

BikeZaar’s model is a winner for all parties. The principal revenue model for BikeZaar is based on sales commission. This is the classic model for Marketplaces such as Amazon.BikeZaar’s commission is equivalent to an investment directly back into marketing and technical support and provides a lower cost alternative to buying your own website traffic and leads.


Win for the customer who has quickly found the products or services they want to purchase, pay in a single transaction and arrange convenient collection/delivery. Customers also know that they are helping to support the future of their local independent bike shop.

Win for you as a seller, having opened a new risk free sales channel where technical infrastructure and marketing costs are entirely assumed by BikeZaar.

Win for the cycling industry; everyone in the ecosystem benefits. Even cycling clubs can earn affiliate revenue and benefit from a range of rewards partners. Publishers can also benefit by commercialising their content to generate revenue whilst driving business back into the independent network.

Even if you already have and want to keep your own on-line sales space, it will still be advantageous to have a presence on BikeZaar. Collaboration through BikeZaar provides you with an opportunity to achieve parity with online only retailers in key areas, whilst building a range of additional unique benefits without losing your individual identity.


Once you have created your account with BikeZaar you will be given access to the seller portal. Within the portal you will be able to control which products you want to list to sell. Once completed your products will be visible on the Marketplace and ready for customers to purchase. It’s that easy.

 Track sales, order status and manage promotions wherever you are as the portal is accessible on mobile as well as desktop, meaning you can even check sales during your Sunday ride coffee stop!

Each time a sale is processed you will receive an email notification as well as being able to see the order details within the portal. Once you have accepted and started to process the order, you can then arrange collection or delivery of products to your customers directly.

Customers can communicate with you directly via your BikeZaar seller portal, keeping track of all customer contact in one place.

If you have any questions about BikeZaar, or if you have any of your own ideas that you think we should consider, please contact our team.