bikeZaar helps brands to work smarter, stay agile, and drive connectivity enabling you to stay ahead of consumer expectations and adapt to changing market conditions.It will also bring together your marketing, operations, and fulfilment systems to deliver truly personalised customer experiences.

For many brands and distributors, driving alignment and connectivity across the distribution and retail ecosystem can be challenging. bikeZaar helps to connect the entire network, enhancing the customer experience by surfacing product inventory across distributed warehouses and dealer networks to provide flexible, convenient, and cost-efficient fulfilment options. Bridging the gap between online and in-store will leverage sales through the network whilst enhancing brand loyalty.

A global view of inventory, in-store and online, can even be presented via your own website to ensure customers are not distracted between the point of finding what they want and being able to buy. As well as helping customers, this will also act as a significant aid to your dealers, helping them to sell stock much more quickly, simply by improving visibility for consumers.

Knowing what inventory you have and where in the distribution/retailer channels will also help you to predict and manage stock surpluses and shortages, together with future production planning.

Direct to Consumer?

If you operate B2C or are thinking of this taking route to market, bikeZaar can help. Many brands struggle with channel conflict which has typically been associated with the clashing interests of a B2B manufacturer's own direct sales and its indirect channel partners, in that the two parties are often found competing with one another for the same business.

bikeZaar can help B2B and B2C companies strike the right balance by reducing friction for customers, enabling consumer-direct relationships whilst still fulfilling sales through channel partners, sharing revenue and avoiding the most significant pitfalls of channel conflict.

This approach ensures that customers can access all of the products in your range, not just those models, sizes and colours that your dealers have in stock. Fewer obstacles make for an easier, better customer experience, drastically reducing the time spent searching and comparing.

B2C Key Benefits

- Increase sales and brand loyalty with flexible fulfilment choices to increase conversion.

- Sell global, fulfil local - faster product delivery supported by local fulfilment and expertise.

- Manage B2B/B2C channel conflict.

- Complete control of your brand.

- Reduce search and compare time for consumers.

- Define click and collect options.

- Better harness end customer data.

- Align e-commerce and other sales activity.

- Test the market with new products with less risk.

- Controlled clearance of excess or end of line stock.

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