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From elite rider to commuter or kids, bikeZaar has a huge selection of accessories for all your cycling needs from world's biggest brands. If you are out in the dark or during the winter, take a look at our range of bike lights and hi-viz gear which are sure to keep you visible. Always keep your tyres pumped up to the optimal level. Our track pumps are perfect for home use, but always carry a hand pump and spare inner tube on your rides just in case. Check out our bottles, bottle cages, nutrition and hydration packs if you plan to spend a while in the saddle. Never leave you bike unattended without securing it with a lock. If you are riding alongside canals, or on cycle paths, then you will find our selection of bells useful to warn other path users of your presence. We also have a great range of mudguards, bike stands, baskets, car racks, child seats and stabilisers, or cycling trailers for kids. If you are off on an adventure, then take a look at our cycling books and maps.

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Bike maintenance

You have invested in the best bike you could find so you have good reason to keep it in tip top condition. It is important to know how to do a basic safety check on your bike, as well as to monitor the health and performance of your inner tube (and know how to change it), to clean and lubricate your gears and drivetrain, and to adjust your brakes so they are effective and safe.

Bike racks and storage

You may have noticed that keeping your bike on the hallway floor gets in everybody’s way (and on everybody’s nerves), and it is perhaps time to get hold of a storage option for when you are at home. A bike rack for your car, too, if you drive to places where you are going cycling, can make your life a lot easier than trying to cram it in the back seat and squishing your seat and tyres!


Every cyclist knows the importance of good lights, so that they are visible to car drivers and pedestrians on the road, and so that they can see where they are going off road. It is a good idea to have spares, in case of breakage.

Bike locks

Nobody wants to invest in a bike and then have it stolen when it is left unattended. Strong and secure bike locks can make your bike a lot less attractive to a potential thief, so grab hold of one today.

Bags and panniers

You may be happy cycling with a rucksack on your back, but if you prefer to have a bike bag or a pannier, look at the options we have made available and choose one that would fit your needs precisely.

Bike tools and equipment

Do you have a flat tyre kit? Do you know how to replace your chain if it comes off or breaks? It is worth having bike tools with you even before you need them, because you never know when they will become essential.