Are you hoping to take part in a triathlon? If so, you'll need a suitable bike and other gear that can get you through the trials and tribulations of this huge challenge.

First of all, be honest with yourself about what you need and what your skills and abilities are. A triathlon takes months of training and preparation, so don't rush into buying any old bike if it will not take you to your ultimate goal. Look specifically at triathlon and time trial bikes so that you can get the right tool for the job.

What is a triathlon bike?

Triathlon and time trial bikes are aerodynamic to make speed easier and to streamline your cycling. There are technical differences within the bike, such as a steeper steering column, a reduced frontal area and large tubes. You will find fixed aerobars, bar-end gear shifters and lightweight brake levers on triathlon bikes, too.

A triathlon or timetrial bike is similar to a road or city bike in many ways, but you may find that you feel bumps and lumps on the surface of the road more strongly due to the build of the cycle. There is only one riding position on most triathlon bikes, so when you buy one, you may not want to use it for your every day road use as well as your training. These items are designed for racing, not for your daily city commute.

Triathlon clothing, swimwear and accessories

As well as checking out our specialist triathlon gear, you will also want to take a look at the triathlon clothing we have in store, because tri shorts, suits and compression clothing are invaluable when undergoing training and racing. Specialised running shoes, swimwear and training accessories will all help you to achieve your ultimate triathlon goals, and take a look at our helmet cameras if you want to document your journey.

You can even buy special Nuttition bars and drinks to really energise you on your triathlon experience. Use them while training and put some aside for your big race, too.

A specialised triathlon experience

Whilst browsing triathlon take a look at the brands Under Armour, Rudy Project, Northwave, Gore and Endura for specialised triathlon products that will help you throughout the endurance period of training and ultimately competing in your goal triathlon. Your time trial experience will be significantly improved if you are equipped with the right kit and train on a regular basis on the best bike for the job.