Why Is My Brand On BikeZaar?

I'm a brand and I've seen my products on your site - what is BikeZaar?

BikeZaar is a technology platform empowering the best bricks and mortar bike shops to sell online, acting like their own website, but set in a community of hundreds of other independents. Everything you see on BikeZaar purely reflects the products and prices you find in-store. As BikeZaar is a marketplace, you are buying directly from and supporting these independent retailers. Retailers have complete control over which territories they ship to, international pricing, shipping and collection locations. If a retailer is not representing your products correctly on BikeZaar, please contact them directly so that they can update the information listed.

Better still, please get in touch with us directly if you are interested in supplying us with a data feed to ensure that we are always using up to date images, descriptions, geographic shipping rules etc.

We can also help to ‘surface’ your warehouse inventory. This can be done via your dealer network using our unique application to merge your stock file into theirs. Customers then have the choice of all models, sizes and colours that are available from you, not just those on the shop floors of your dealers.

“…BikeZaar is what the industry has been waiting for…”  Tandem Group PLC

Summary of key benefits:

  • ‘Surface’ inventory sat in your warehouse(s) that consumers currently have no or limited visibility of, either:

- Via your dealers on BikeZaar (i.e. we marry your stock file with theirs).
- Sell directly to customers, increasing margin (with an option to manage channel conflict by passing a commission to the nearest dealer).

  • This is a unique proposition for brands and distributors who are otherwise at the discretion of retailers as to which models, sizes & colours they range, together with order volumes/stock availability i.e. poor retailer stock replenishment could lead to a lost sale for an item that a brand/distributor has in stock.
  • Link directly to your brand page on BikeZaar from the ‘where to buy’ page on your website, helping customers to locate the product that they are looking for without having to trawl your dealer websites or ring around shops.
  • Harness end customer data in a way never before possible. This improved visibility & centralisation of inventory will enhance the customer experience and service.
  • Use this ‘live’ data to support future production planning & purchasing.
  • Full control over online brand presentation, pricing, fulfilment & inventory.
  • Mechanism to clear excess and end of line inventory quickly and easily (B2C & B2B).


- Win for the customer who has quickly found the products or services they want to purchase, pay in a single transaction and arrange convenient collection/delivery.

- Win for you, ensuring a sale and a happy customer through a new risk free sales channels where technical infrastructure and marketing costs are entirely assumed by BikeZaar.

- Win for the local retailer who benefits from new sales and footfall.